The Global Investment Group exposes our partnering institutions to the highly intelligent and ambitious students at St Andrews, recently placed the third top University in the UK (The Complete University Guide UK, 2018). There are a number of ways your firm can get involved in the 2017-2018 academic year. To help you better understand the opportunities your firm has at St Andrews, we have created three tiers of proposed sponsorship packages focused on recruitment, presentations, networking and speaker events. Please inquire about our GIG Prospectus to discover the opportunities we offer, including but not limited to a St Andrews Sponsorship Golf Tournament planned to kick-off in April 2018. Nevertheless, as we are committed to achieving the most mutually beneficial partnership, we welcome any propositions you may have to tailor the sponsorship agreements to your individual preferences.  

Enclosed is a list of our past sponsors including such banks as Citi and Bank of America as well as educational institutions such as INSEAD, the leading MBA program in the world (Financial Times, 2017). All of our past partners are hugely influential in the business world and have been consistently pleased with the gain in quality applications they have stimulated through partnering with the GIG.  

Please contact the GIG if you are interested in working with us in the future. We are always open to new partnerships and are keen to help your firm prosper by introducing you to the brightest and boldest students St Andrews has to offer.

The GIG golf tournament

We are pleased to announce that the Global Investment Group will host its golf weekend with a number of speaker events in 2018. This format last took place in 2012 and was met with an enormous interest by the students as they were able to not just listen to people with impressive careers but also get to know them on a more personal level on the golf course.
The golf tournament will take place on one of St. Andrews Links Golf courses and the format of the tournament will depend on the number of qualified golfers that sign up for the event. However we will try to mix our speakers with the students on the golf course. The speaker events, that can take place in the format of a brunch, dinner or normal keynote presentation, will be sprinkled around the golf tournament and will give you the opportunity to present a topic of your choice with a question and answer session afterwards.
As this weekend is truly unique in the St. Andrews events calendar and enables our members as well as other students to gain insight into different professions in the world of finance and consultancy we do hope that you are as excited about this weekend as we are.
If you are interested in taking part in this weekend, please read the Prospectus that is uploaded on this website. If none of the listed Sponsorship packages offered in the Prospectus seem to work for you, we can surely arrange an individual agreement.
Please do not hesitate to contact us through our Facebook page or send an email to committee@gigstandrews.com